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Arthur Blank Still Has Plenty Of Money

Recent economic downturn got you feeling the pinch?

Sure. Of course it is.

Arthur Blank must still be OK. He’s still got a net worth of over a billion dollars and he’s still the co-founder of one of the most lucrative retail stores in the history of America. Even now, in this time of economic uncertainty, he is willing to put up loads of his own cash to buy himself a new toy.

Another sports team. And a soccer team to boot (pun intended). 

Yay! It’s just what he wanted!

Blank already owns two Atlanta sports franchises, including the Atlanta Falcons (aka The DirtyBirds). His teams have not won any league titles, but you know what they say about the third time being the charm!

Blank’s corporation, AMB Group, recently submitted their bid for either the 17th or 18th MLS franchise. And Blank does not make a lot of bids for things he does not end up owning. Though, he did lose out on a chance to own the Braves…

I’m not kidding, he wanted four sports franchises. He’s never seen a team play without wanting to buy it. I bet he once watched Any Given Sunday and had a dream that night where he successfully wrangled the Miami Sharks away from Cameron Diaz. He’s that crazy when it comes to collecting sports squads. Well, and Cameron Diaz.

Of course, he certainly does not have his MLS team yet. He has a lot of asses to kiss before they hand him a franchise. He may still need to get a soccer specific stadium built, which could be an obstacle. There is talk of building one out in the suburbs. Naturally, the tax payers will cover some of the cost.

Wait, I think I can hear the citizens of Cobb County thanking Mr. Blank for his generosity already? No, actually they were saying “Suck It Blank”. My bad.

Hmmm, I really do wonder what they would call the new stadium though? Unfortunately, the most appropriate name has already been taken by Beckham’s bunch. You can’t call it Blank Field because then people will always feel like they need to fill in that blank. You can’t tell someone the greatest game of all-time happened at Blank Field. They’ll go nuts.



“Would you just tell me the freaking answer already!”

Of course, it’s no done deal yet for Blank. ATL is still competing for the last two franchises with Las Vegas, St. Louis, Portland, New York City, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. New York has made some serious strides lately, and those Canucks show up for games in droves.

But you have got to have the money, first and foremost. And Arthur Blank has got it.

He’s a fan of the big check. (see $40 Million MLS Expansion Fee)

But not the background check. (see Michael Vick)