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Arsenal Prepared To Pay Van Persie £200,000 Per Week

This must be welcome news to all Arsenal fans. Being one of the richest clubs in the world, many people cannot understand why they are never aggressive in the transfer market, especially when it comes to buying high profile players.

Over the past 5 years, the club has gained a reputation for being a good breeding ground for budding talent at the expense of creating a formidable side that can consistently challenge for trophies.

It now seems that Wenger is seconding Rafa Benitez’s comments as he claims that Barcelona, Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain are examples of clubs that have “financial logic behind who ends up being successful in any league”.

To  a very large extent, Wenger is right, however, that cannot be an excuse for the club’s failure to win silverware in the past few years. The selling of players Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy in the summer seemed to mark the lowest points for the club in a very long time.

It also sparked rumours of  more players leaving key among them Van Perise. The Dutchman has been the subject of attention the past few days as it became apparent that he had refused to sign a new deal on his contract that is set to expire next summer.

Van persie hinted at a possible move to a rival club which many believe was Man City. It is no secret that the main reason Van persie is considering a move away from Arsenal is because of their failure to win any trophies.

However, many also believe that the money factor will also play apart in his final decision. It is for this reason that the club is ready to splash out £200,000 weekly salary for Van Persie.

Arsenal have in the past proved that they are capable of playing with the big boys as they have offered key players 6 figure weekly wages. Former striker Thierry Henry was paid £200,000 every week in his last season with the gunners. Fabregas was on a slightly lower wage of  130,000 Pounds per week so their is no doubting that the club is able to pay well.

The only question is whether they are willing to make improvements  to all its players?

Photo Credit © mikekingphoto