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Arsenal Moves On In Champion’s League

Henry And Theo Celebrating
Creative Commons License photo credit: wonker

Talk about being on a roll…

Arsenal added to its momentum with an intense 5-0 win over Porto.  We could get into the ins and outs of the match, but I think it bears noting that Arsenal is on a roll of their own in the Premier League as well.

The club heads back to England having already put themselves into the Quarterfinals of the Champion’s League AND they have 3 easily winnable matches on their docket. 

Hull City, West Ham, and Birmingham might want to take note and gird their loins–because Arsenal is coming for them.

I also don’t think we need to be surprised by Porto.  They hail from a much smaller league and did their very best, but I don’t think they could have expected much against a team that has caught up Chelsea and United in the EPL.

With a draw coming for the Quarterfinals I can’t imagine that anybody is gonna want a piece of Arsenal.  However, if I am right and United moves on–wouldn’t it be cool if United and Arsenal drew each other in the Quarters?  Or Chelsea and Arsenal.  Or Chelsea and United?

I know we want to see “inter-country” competition, but it would be pretty sweet to see EPL rematches in the Champion’s League.  The matches would only get even more heated and send the winner with even MORE momentum into the Semis. 

AHHH, that’s an exciting thought!

With all the speculation around Arsene Wenger and his management style it’s good to see that Arsenal is rolling and perhaps the questions about Arsene will die down. 

I know I took some major shots at EPL managers, but we can’t really speculate about them because they’re so unpredictable.  Let’s talk about how well this team is playing and how we think they can go.

Now THAT’S excitement!