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Arjen Robben Out Two Months With Injury

HospitalFormer Real Madrid midfielder Arjen Robben is set to miss at least two months of action for German side Bayern Munich with a torn muscle in his thigh.  This is the same injury the playmaker suffered before the World Cup began and the Dutchman missed most of the group stage before appearing in the knockout stages of the event. 

Robben was diagnosed following his arrival to the German training facility and the team discovered the injury during the player’s routine medical check.  The injury will mean that Robben will likely miss the first month to two months of action for the Bundesliga (which starts on August 20th) and it also means that Robben will miss the first Champions League match of the season considering that UEFA tournament starts in early to middle September.

But Robben was one of the best footballers in the world last season and along with Dutch counterpart Wesley Sneijder was one of the two regrettable moves made away from Los Blancos by Florentino Perez last season. Although Real Madrid finished the season fairly strong and missed out on the La Liga title by just a little bit to Barca, it was Robben and Sneijder who would compete for the Champions League title with their respected teams and both players played excellent down the stretch for their squads.

And this season it appears that Bayern Munich will have to find the magic touch from someone else early in the year considering the loss of the clutch Dutchman.  But considering Robben’s form over the last year, I still think the Dutchman can bounce back from the late start and have a fantastic finish to the season. 

  Creative Commons License photo credit: boliston