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Argentina Heads Home Early

Coach MaradonaWell the Cup certainly didn’t end the way that Diego Maradona and the Argentina national team hoped. 

In fact you can say that the Cup ended terribly for the South American powerhouse.  And the controversial coach of the squad is perhaps the man that deserves the most blame for his side’s ineffective performance against the Germans.  The team was simply out passed and outperformed much like any squad that the Germans have faced in the knockout rounds of the tournament.  The defense became a giant question mark in the first five minutes when an unmarked Muller chipped in a goal off of a brilliant pass from Bastien Schweinsteiger.  And the Germans never looked back again.

To make matters even worse for Maradona and his men was the fact that his explosive offensive talent was bottled up and many 0f the key Argentina play makers were complete non-factors in the match.  Tevez, Higuain, and Messi all looked like they were trying to single handily put their side back in contention and all three were completely ineffective because of this.  The Germans, on the other hand controlled the ball and passed it perfectly around the box.  Their goals didn’t come out of nowhere and they were the result of excellent ball distribution as a whole team.

The Germans stars of Klose, Muller, and Schweinsteiger might not be considered elite to many fans of the most beautiful game, but the men are all playing together and resemble a true team.  Argentina could not handle them because of this notion and that is why the South American powerhouse joins all but one of their many dominant soccer nations back in the home continent.

It’s a disappointing result for one of the Cup favorites, but Germany has proven once again to be the superior team.  Maybe not superior in talent, but superior in tactics and will to win the vital match.

And in the World Cup that is all that matters. 

   Creative Commons License photo credit: babasteve