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Are You Aware Today Is Earth Day?

day at the dump (7)
Creative Commons License photo credit: Michael (mx5tx)

The Date: I like the Earth, so today I am celebrating Earth Day. That doesn’t mean I am a tree hugger, so don’t get any ideas. I am just saying that the Earth happens to be my favorite planet (at least in this solar system) and I think it deserves one day of worship. I think we should be nice to it because I think we all remember what happens when it is angry with us. I am all for saving it, but is it really undergoing “climate change” or is that just another “buzzword.” 

The Hate: Two of today’s other big buzzwords are “awareness” and “cause.” Everybody is trying to create “awareness” for their “cause.” Commercials create “awareness”, so “causes” pay large sums of money to try to get the word out about their respective problems. The most prevalent “awareness” ads today seem to be those encouraging us to be “green.” “Green”? I guess there is a fourth buzzword for you. What does it mean to be “green”? Other than for Kermit, of course.  

The Fate: I’m not “green”. I’m a ginger. But I do love the Earth and don’t want to be among those who ultimately destroy it. I don’t want to be like Captain Planet’s nemesis. I don’t want to be like anyone associated with the entire Captain Planet series now that I think about it. I just want to leave the Earth a better place than I found it. So we should clean it up. But don’t bombard me with your “causes”. Go raise your “awareness” and “green” ($$$) elsewhere.

Just treat the Earth with respect.

After all, if we lose Earth, the universe loses soccer.

Hmm, “soccer”.

I guess there is at least one word that will never be a “buzzword” in America…