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Are MLS Wags a Myth?

Posh and Becks are probably one of the most well known celebrity couples in the world.

It seems once Mr. Beckham got together with Ms. Victoria, his fellow soccer stars followed suit and began pairing off with various assorted hotties from around the entertainment industry. Posh even helped inspire a new word in the UK in 2006: Wags (which stands for the Wives & Girlfriends of top soccer stars). The British tabloids can’t get enough of the Wags.

And when one sees what these ladies (such as Theo Walcott’s 18 year-old Wag Melanie Slade, pictured here) look like (giggity), it is clear why the public’s attention is… er… aroused…

MLS doesn’t have many Wags as far as I can tell. I guess Posh counts for one now, though her whole “robot that never smiles” look doesn’t do a lot for me personally. I am sure some of the guys have really hot wives and girlfriends, but I have yet to see much proof on the subject.

Well, that’s not completely true. There is one Wag of note: Ms. Bianca Kajlich.

Ms. Kajlich has been married to Landon Donovan, Beckham’s new best mate, since New Year’s Eve 2006. She currently is on a show called Rules of Engagement with David Spade, the skinny, non-funny part of the comedy duo Spade & Farley.

Ms. Kajlich definitely merits Wag recognition. But who else among the league’s players can claim they bagged a Wag?

I have no idea. Let me know in the comments if you’re aware of anyone.

Oh yeah, and remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure to include a link.