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Are MLS Fans Racist?

I wanted the subtitle:

Why Does One Fan’s Use of “Vile Racist Language” Mean People Actually Pay Attention to the MLS, But For The Wrong Reasons

But, I am not exactly a WordPress wizard. So no subtitles. Alas. Anyways, here’s the scenario that has everyone buzzing about how MLS fans are racist:

In the last minute of regular time in last weekend’s Columbus vs. New England matchup for East supremacy, the Crew’s Ezra Hendrickson foolishly fouls the Rev’s Steve Ralston in the top of the box. The official places the ball on the spot and Joseph knocks it solidly towards the net, but Hesmer makes a valiant save. The rebound springs straight to the Rev’s Zimbabwean speedster Kheli Dube who buries it into the open net.

Then, one idiot fan (who can be overheard in a fan’s tape of the match that is now, of course, on YouTube) in the northeast section of the stadium says something ridiculously ignorant and racially discriminatory about Dube. Something really, really stupid. Something so nasty, I won’t profane the hallowed grounds of STO by repeating it here.

It was one idiot fan’s opinion. One fan only.

But now, the media is in full “hey, look a non-story we can blow up into a debacle!” mode. They talk about the video ad nauseum. They don’t usually talk about MLS. Eh, soccer. Not a big draw in America. But racist soccer fans?

Ah! I smell ratings!

So, are we racist soccer fans in America?

Not compared to the rest of the world. Not at all, really.

At least I, for one, don’t think so.

Oguchi Onyewu, an African-American star playing abroad, was punched by racist fans in Belgium who hounded him off the pitch. Flags emblazoned with Swastikas are sometimes waved by fans at Italian Serie A matches in Rome. DaMarcus Beasley, another African-American abroad, has reported that even Dutch fans make monkey noises every time he touches the ball.

The Dutch are some of the most liberal people in the world (many of their own international players are players of color), so why would even they be racist?

The answer?

The same answer as to the query why that idiot did what he did at the Columbus game…

They are racist idiots.

Nothing we can do about these idiots except disregard their racism or destroy it. Let’s try to do the latter.

And that’s that. Problem solved. We don’t need 24 hour round the clock coverage.

It’s really a simple equation.

Soccer Fans are People.

People are Sometimes Racist.

Soccer Fans are Sometimes Racist. Make Sense?

So, in the midst of the brouhaha over ONE idiot’s remark, here’s what no one has been talking about:

Matt Reis played amazing in goal. Heroically, in fact.

But, all we can talk about is the video. You know one thing not alot of people are saying about the video though?

It looks like Dube is at least one step into the penalty area before Joseph strikes the ball. It’s unfortunate that a violation of this sort can change a game’s outcome.

I guess we do need instant replay.

We just don’t need it of that one racist fan.