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Aquilani Wants Juve Stay, Calls For Pirlo

PirloHaving a rather uncertain future despite his excellent season with Juventus, Alberto Aquilani revealed to the press his hopes of staying with the Bianconeri next summer and also calling fellow Italian international, Andrea Pirlo, to join him.

Pirlo, whose contract with Ac Milan will end in the summer, has been intensively linked with the Old Lady in the past few weeks and this news apparently gives an extra enthusiasm for Aquilani, who feels that playing with the Milan player will help him flourish even more.

My desire is to stay in Turin for a long time, to win a lot and I mean a lot,” “It would be fantastic to have Pirlo here. He’s a top player, a great at international level. Playing alongside him would help me to grow even more,” Aquilani said.

Although previous rumors claim that Pirlo was actually being targeted as the replacement for Aquilani, should Juventus failed to conclude a deal with Liverpool, but the latest development suggested that Juventus prefer to have them both. The news regarding the Milan’s midfielder starts to spark intensively after there are some suggestion that the Rossoneri’s management are not that keen on keeping their 31-years-old player due to the injury problems he keeps having this season.

Despite Aquilani’s strong interest in staying with Juventus again next summer and potentially playing with Pirlo, the former As Roma star must first wait for the uncertainty about his transfer plan from Liverpool to the Bianconeri. The latest news from England revealed that the Reds’ current boss, Kenny Dalglish, is very keen in having the 26-years-old player back at Anfield, and should his team are forced to lose the Italian international it’s highly unlikely with an easy bargain.

It’s been well known that Juventus is having problem in meeting with Liverpool’s 16 million Euro demand for Aquilani, considering the Bianconeri still have other needs in the summer. However, the Italian international isn’t worried about that as he believes should the Old Lady are serious about keeping him than there shouldn’t be a problem considering there’s already a deal being made earlier in the season.

“I don’t know how the negotiations are going with Liverpool, but the situation is simple. It all depends on Juve, if they want me then they can buy me,” Aquilani said.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan S0L0