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Aquilani Staying In Juve?

Despite being previously rumored to be leaving Turin in the summer, Alberto Aquilani, reportedly still has more chance in staying with Juventus permanently rather than going elsewhere when the new season starts.

This possibility was revealed by the player’s agent himself, Franco Zavaglia, who said that despite Juve’s intention in lowering Aquilani’s price hasn’t been accepted by Liverpool, the agent believes in the end the deal between both clubs will be struck.

It’s possible that they’ll try to get a discount, that’s part of the game, but all of the details were sorted out last summer. At the end of the day, I don’t think that there will be any problems, I don’t think Aquilani will leave Turin,” Zavaglia stated.

Moreover, Zavaglia also explained that next summer, Juventus have an option until June 30 to make their decision whether they want to permanently sign Aquilani or not. Although the player’s current price tag of 16 million Euro is still believed as the main obstacles for the Turin giant in taking the option on signing the ex-As Roma star, the agent is certain that the Bianconeri won’t let his client slips away.

Juventus have until June 30 to take up their option to sign Aquilani – all they have to do is make their move, the agent’s added.

Aquilani himself has been going true a rather inconsistent season as his recent performances seems dipping just like Juventus’ overall results that have been dipping since the new year. However, in the first part of the season the Italian international has been performing very well for the Bianconeri, earning him a return to the Azzurri squad under Cesare Prandelli after being absent from the national team for a while.

Although overall Aquilani has been doing pretty well, but it’s not a secret that the Turin giant aren’t willing to give out the amount of cash that Liverpool wanted for the ex-Roma player. That’s pretty much why, reports claim that the Bianconeri are also looking for other alternatives and Milan’s Andrea Pirlo, whose contract is expiring, supposedly being the main target for Juve if they fails to make Aquilani permanent.