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Aquilani Expected To Stay With Juventus Next Season

It’s never a good idea to loan out a young footballer of potential unless you can deal with losing him. Because often when a player is temporarily loaned away from their home, they discover a new one elsewhere. You can call it the Avatar theory or whatever you want to, but this theory is especially true when you loan a player back to the country that they are from.  

Alberto Aquilani is the prime candidate of one of these temporary transfers that will likely become permanent this summer. The Liverpool midfielder was recently purchased for £20 million from Roma, but after not fitting into the club’s starting XI and experiencing several minor injuries the player was loaned back to Serie A this season to Juventus.

Well Liverpool has changed a lot in the last year since Aquilani moved to the club and due to a new coaching staff and ownership group taking over, the young midfielder has announced that he feels more at home when he is away on transfer in Italy then he does when he is “home” in England.

Aquilani told La Stampa that he has found his new home in Turin:

I like the team. I like Turin. I have found a home. I am happy. I am more of a central midfielder. Before, I was further forward.

Juventus have the open option to retain the midfielder permanently this summer and considering what the Liverpool man is saying, my bet is on him staying in his true homeland of Italy.