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Antonio Cassano: The Odd Man Out

What’s the deal with Antonio Cassano this season?  The forward has been one of the most impressive players in Serie A so far this year and even has led his underdog team to a 4-0 start and a spot on the top of the league table.   It’s an unfamiliar position for a middle-of-the-pack squad like Sampdoria and the club has their excellent forward to thank for the start.

But despite this wonderful start the forward is still not included on the Italian international roster.  And when Inter president Massimo Moratti was asked about future transfer options for the star, he claimed to still not be interested:

Antonio Cassano does not figure in Inter’s transfer strategy.  He is demonstrating what he is, a great champion, a footballing artist. Experience will help him to improve. However, he does not enter into our plans.

Moratti decided to go with Eto’o, Diego Milito, and Wesley Sneijder this off-season instead of Cassano and these men are great players in their own right, but what Cassano is doing right now is flat out unbelievable.  Sampdoria is currently the third best offense in Serie A and the club has a chance to improve well over 10 spots in the league table this year making them a shoe-in for the SATO Most Improved Squad Award. 

And this last weekend Cassano was given a chance to face off against Inter and to hopefully teach the club a valuable lesson for snubbing the star.  Both clubs are near the top of the league table and Sampdoria needs a win over the elite squad. 

Who knows maybe if Cassano can lead Sampdoria to another win then he will finally get the credit he deserves?

But the “footballing artist” will likely be without a canvas this summer either way.