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Another First For This World Cup

oneAs I’ve stated often in the last few weeks the World Cup has experienced many firsts this summer.  After all it is the first ever African hosted World Cup.  And Spain hopes to be the first team to ever win after losing their first match of the tournament.  And Paris Hilton was recently detained for the first time ever at a World Cup match for allegedly smoking pot for the first time in her life.

Okay that last one needs a bit of work, but how about this for the summer of firsts at the World Cup?  Spain VS Netherlands

Both teams are searching for their first title.  And for the Dutchmen they made two in-a-row during the 1970’s and lost both in hard fought battles.  As for Spain this will be the first ever finals in La Furia Rojas history and it’s long overdue.  Both teams have a past track record of disappointing at the end of the World Cup, so for one nation they will have yet another bitter taste in their mouth and for the other nation…..well victory is right around the corner.

So the summer of firsts should have a fitting ending, right?

Nothing gets better then having two well respected football nations finally joining the elite ranks of World Cup teams.  We had a similar finish to the season in the Champions League where two organizations battled in the final for the first time in many years without an EPL representative.  That tournament ended with Inter Milan winning their first Champions League title in decades.  Not to mention Chelsea achieved their first ever double in the EPL to boot.

So in other words, Spain-Dutch marks the perfect end to the first ever African hosted World Cup in what was a year of firsts in the world of football. 

 Creative Commons License photo credit: drcorneilus