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Angel from Above

The self-proclaimed “special one” and the football giants of Real Madrid have done it again!

Reports have circulated throughout today’s Spanish media that the Galacticos have reached an agreement on terms for Argentinean winger Angel di Maria. The dynamic youngster had plied his trade in Portugal the past few seasons for Benfica of the nation’s top league.

His move to the Bernabeu is reportedly on a six-year deal, worth an estimated 25 million Euros. It was widely believed that a handful of teams within the English Premiership were interested in obtaining di Maria’s services, yet as he usually does, Mourinho emerged victorious yet again.

Di Maria represents Mourinho’s first signing as head coach of Real Madrid, and it will be interesting to see how he is utilized. Los Blancos already possess great depth in their world-class midfield, and it remains to be seen how much game action di Maria will be exposed to. When you add the young attacker to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Guti, Diarra, Xabi Alonso, and Van der Vaart, the openings at the Bernabeu certainly appear to be limited.

Widely pegged by many soccer experts to be a breakthrough player in this year’s South African World Cup, the Argentine has been unimpressive on soccer’s grandest stage. He was expected to provide Diego Maradona’s side with explosiveness and goals off of the flank positions, yet he has been invisible throughout Argentina’s first four fixtures. In fact, it appears that Maradona’s patience is wearing thin with di Maria, and his premature substitution in their last match against Mexico may serve as a precursor for the youngster to begin the next match on the bench.

Although this signing for the Galacticos remains a coup for Mourinho, don’t be surprised to see di Maria loaned out at sometime during his lengthy six-year contract. He is still a developing talent, and with the abundance of skill Real Madrid possesses, it may force di Maria to realize his star potential elsewhere.