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Andriy Shevchenko Coming to America?

The English tabloid The Mirror reported today that Chelsea star Andriy Shevchenko is considering following David Beckham’s lead and coming to play in MLS.

Shevchenko, 31, has struggled at Chelsea since his British record £30.9million signing from AC Milan and he now is considering a move to a Major League Soccer club as his final career step.

Why America? Well it seems that Shevchenko is married to American model Kristen Pazik who would welcome a move to the States after moving to London from Milan for the good of their two children.

Why is MLS Interested? The Mirror believes that and Shevchenko would be welcomed with open arms in the MLS, where he would be seen as another major crowd-puller for the league. Beckham caused a huge sensation when he arrived and Shevchenko would have the potential to do the same. New York Redbulls and New England Revolution are two of the teams that are keen on him.

This part does not make sense to me. The Redbulls already have Juan Pablo Angel upfront, and Shevchenko does not appear to be the kind of player that appears to Nichols and the Revolution.

Shevchenko was a superstar, once, but in his 18 months at Chelsea he has aged tremendously. His chance conversation rate in the league is a miserable eight per cent shows that Shevchenko is the kind of aging superstar that the MLS does not need.