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Andres Iniesta wouldn't mind Ozil at Barcelona

Although Mesut Ozil has been linked with a move to Real Madrid for some time now, Andres Iniesta went on to say that he would be happy if Ozil would join the Spanish champions.

With Real Madrid having yet to finalize the deal with Werder Bremen over Ozil, there is still a chance for Barcelona to come and swoop the player away for Madrid, something Iniesta says he wouldn’t mind despite having confidence in the current squad.

In a recent statement made by the Barcelona midfielder, Andres Iniesta went on to say the following to Sport.


“I didn’t know him at all before the tournament but, when I saw him play with Germany and given his age, I saw that he has quality and personality. Whether Ozil comes or not is not something I have any control over. If he comes, he will be welcome. If not, we’ll just continue as we are.”

However, it has been reported that Pep Guardiola doesn’t really feel the need to add Ozil to the team as he feels confident already in the current squad as well, but having played along-side Mesut Ozil, Iniesta feels that Ozil will be a good fit and addition to the club.

I think Ozil is definitely a type of player that can succeed in La Liga. With his pace on the ball, and style of play, he could definitely fit into both club’s system. However, I highly doubt that Barcelona will be looking to make any bids for Ozil as the squad looks strong enough the way it is. As defending champions, I think Barcelona wanted Fabregas back at Camp Nou for more personal reasons than trying to strengthen the squad (although Cesc would have definitely done that), but in the case of Ozil, he would simply be a much better fit at Real Madrid.

Think Ozil would be better off at Madrid or at Barcelona ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.