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Andres Iniesta fit to play against Chile, but will it be enough?

The Spain National team have a touch match ahead of them as they look to take on Group leaders Chile on Friday. With most of the squad starting to be fit to play again, one player that will be a difference for Spain is Andres Iniesta. Andres Iniesta was hurt during Spain’s match against Switzerland as he was  taking off the pitch on the 77th minute with a right leg injury. Now Iniesta went on to state that he is fit and ready to play against a tough Chile opponent in which Spain need a win to advance to the next round.

However, the problem with Spain isn’t really creating chances, it’s really just converting those chances into goals. In both of the previous matches that Spain have played, they dominated possession through-out the game, creating more chances than the opposing team. Whether or not having Iniesta on the pitch will create even more chances is really irrelevant because it’s finishing those plays that count at the end of the day.

Although Chile might look like their safe having won their past 2 matches and leading the group with 6 points, Spain and Switzerland can still advance as they both share 3 points and a win and with a better goal differential than Chile, Spain and Switzerland can both advance through. Andres Iniesta knows that Chile well be bringing their best for they can insure there advancement but Iniesta is convinced that he knows the positives and negatives of Chile to be able to walk away with the victory.

Iniesta went on to say the following :

“Chile will play its game and try to complicate things. We know their positives and their defects, but what’s most important is that we play our game.”

Think Iniesta will be the difference for Spain or do you them continuing to fail and finish it’s chances?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.