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Andres Iniesta becomes a father

Barcelona star, Andres Iniesta, will be taking on a new role in his life as the 26-year old Spanish star went on to state that “[His] future fatherhood has just been reported.” Taken advantage of his post-World Cup break to conceive the child, Iniesta will now enjoy the fruits and labors of his first child. A great time for Iniesta as he shared a few words following the birth of his first child.

Having went on to break the news on his website, Iniesta went on to say the following:

“I just wanted to confirm the news and tell you that’s it’s a time filled with happiness for all of us,”

Although Iniesta is in a happy moment in his life, he would rather not to discuss his issues to the public. With the regular job of reporters to try and find the inside scoop on some players, Iniesta was upset with the “methods that were used” to find out about his personal life.

On a funny tidbit, there is reported to been a time in which a lot of babies were born in Barcelona and it was named “The Iniesta generation”. Due to the fact of the large number of babies born 9 months following his goal against Chelsea, that led the team through the 2009 UEFA Champions League Finals,  they went on to name that time of the year “The Iniesta Generation.”

Congratulations to Iniesta on his new born as and hopefully people will respect his wishes.