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Andres Escobar’s Jersey Lives On

To put it mildly, Felipe Alvarez is a huge fan of deceased Colombian footballer Andres Escobar.

Escobar was the infamous defender who scored an own goal and was considered largely responsible for the heavy favorite’s shock defeat to the USA in the World Cup of 1994. Escobar was shot to death in a Colombian street by a drug cartel member less then a week after the on the pitch mistake was made, the captain of the national team was expected to sign a lucrative deal with AC Milan that same summer. Instead Escobar never got to meet his unborn baby girl because of one momentary lapse on the pitch.

Pretty depressing stuff about the short life of one of Colombia’s most promising young defenders, but a 25-year-old Colombian soccer fan recently decided to pay tribute to the fallen hero in the most strangely loyal ways a fan has ever honored a star.  Alvarez decided to get a tattoo of Escobar’s jersey on his torso. And yes, a full-sized replica jersey at that.

As you can see in the picture at the top of the article, Alvarez appears to be having the time of his life during the procedure. It’s one of the scariest acts of fanatic loyalty ever performed and doing such an act makes one immediately question the sanity of the fan. At least Alvarez picked a tribute player meaning that the icon’s career is already over and their lasting legacy is all they have to remember them by. 

Good thing Alvarez isn’t a fan of King James when he played for the Cavs because that would be a much tougher jersey to sport for the rest of your life if you lived in Cleveland. It’s still interesting that Andres Escobar is the man that received the strange honor considering all the fanatics in South America that worship Diego Maradona and Pele, but I suppose it is fitting that Escobar’s jersey is the one that is sketched onto the Colombian’s skin.

After all his promising career was unfairly cut short because of one unlucky play, leaving a nation of fans to wonder what could have been in years to come. Escobar’s jersey will at least continue to live on through one unique soul.