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Andrea Pirlo Returns to Practice

Pirlo penaltyHowever much money AC Milan midfielder Andrea Pirlo makes a year, he should be paid a little bit more because apparently the unselfish midfielder is invaluable to his Azzurri side just like he is for his league side as well.  In their first two matches, Italy has looked pretty terrible on the offensive side considering their strong WCQ run and also the fact that they are the defending champs of the World Cup.

Although they have a defense-first type of mentality, the squad looks pretty slow and lackadaisical on both ends and the loss of their key man Buffon for likely the rest of the Cup only spells more trouble for the reeling squad.  But there might be some good news on the way with the reemergence of Andrea Pirlo to the practice pitch.

The Italian center piece worked out for the first time in over 20 days following a calf sprain and the Milan man is still questionable for the Azzurri’s critical third match against Slovakia.  The side needs a victory to assure a second round berth.  And after that dismal effort against the All Whites that might be a tall order for the team that recently changed their formation around to a 4-4-2.

If Pirlo can play then that would hopefully be the catalyst the Azzurri needs to advance to the second round, but one bleak fact about the situation is that Pirlo, with over 20 days off since his last workout, is likely not in top form and will be a bit rusty and tired in a critical 90 minute match.  His chances of playing this week are still unknown to the public, but perhaps the midfielder can give the defending champs a late boost off of the bench.      

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nicholas Babaian