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Ancelotti No Interest in Italy National Coach Yet

It’s been a good year for Carlo Ancelotti.  The Italian has the Chelsea Blues on the top of the Premier League table and he has proven many critics wrong by playing Drogba and Anelka together up top.  The squad will be tested often in the upcoming months with a lot of key players injured, but the coach of the Blues made headlines this week for reasons regarding his homeland rather then his professional career in England.

When you’re a great coach like Ancelotti it should be no surprise that your name comes up for potential manager vacancies in the upcoming year.  And many believe that Marcello Lippi, coach of the Italy national squad, will be one of those managers that leaves the squad following the summer Cup.  And Ancelotti is obviously at the top of the nation’s list of potential suitors.

Well the bad news is that Ancelotti did not show much interest in the position due to his ongoing career at Chelsea.  The good news is that Ancelotti did admit that the position would be intriguing to take in the future.  In other words, he left all doors open for a potential move down the road.  But right now Ancelotti is one of those in demand coaches that the players all rally behind.  He will likely be at Chelsea for many more years to come.  That is if some other powerhouse squad doesn’t make him an offer he can’t refuse. 

As for Italy they are in good hands with Lippi.  After all the last time the guy was the nation’s coach they hoisted the World Cup.