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Amir Zaki Leads Wigan Forward

Amir Zaki is a name you should become familiar with. The 25-year old Egyptian striker nicknamed “The Bulldozer” has thrashed Premiership defenses to the tune of four goals so far this season. He arrived at Wigan Athletic from Egyptian outfit El Zamalek in July signing a one-year loan with the English club.

Zaki has scored against West Ham United, Hull City (brace), and Sunderland thus far. He certainly could score again tomorrow against a less-than-stellar Manchester City defense. Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan has compared the forward to English legend Alan Shearer.

On the international stage, Amir Zaki helped lead his nation to the 2008 African Cup of Nations title. For his performance, he was named to the tournament’s All-Star Starting XI. Egypt has won a record six African Cup of Nations, but has not witnessed similar success in the World Cup.

Amir Zaki is hoping to send Egypt to the 2010 World Cup. Zaki scored two goals in the second qualifying round. His nation won Group 12 and advanced to the third qualifying round where 20 nations will compete.

Is Amir Zaki going to make a difference for Wigan as the season moves forward? Will he lead Egypt into the 2010 World Cup?  Let Soccer Tickets Online know.