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Abramovich Tells Guardiola To Name His Price

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is so keen on landing Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola as the Blues manager next season that he is willing to literally buy him out of his Barcelona job.

The Russian billionaire is said to have approached Guardiola’s representatives with an offer they simply cannot refuse. Sort of like in a scene from a gangster movie, Abramovich told Guardiola ‘name his price’ and ditch the record breaking Spanish outfit for a chance to coach one of England’s best club’s

To sweeten the deal, Abramovich threw in a ‘£100 million transfer war chest’ for the 41 year old to make the necessary changes he needs to to fashion a dream team. However, despite still not having signed a new contract with Barcelona, Guardiola turned the offer.

A source close to Guardiola while commenting on the surprise Chelsea move had this to say:

“It happened last week, the usual way, third parties chatting to agents, the way it goes these days, and Guardiola has been made perfectly clear he could name his own price. Now, usually when that happens anyone would jump at being made financially secure for life, but Guardiola has shown no inclination to move to Chelsea.

“So, who will Chelsea go for now? Well, they don’t know yet, as Guardiola was their No. 1 choice and were sure that a name your price offer would be enough, but apparently it isn’t. I am equally sure they will try again.”

Just to add my own two cents worth here, i believe, Chelsea should stick with Di Matteo. Truth be told, i seriously do not know what Abramovich is wants. If he is looking to never lose, i suggest he should sell the club and stick to his massive financial portfolio that makes him richer every year.

However, if he truly is a fan, he should understand that winning and losing is part of the game. Di Matteo seems to be getting things right so far and who knows what he can do if given the chance to manager Chelsea from the start of the season. Moreover, Guardiola would not be a perfect fit for Chelsea’s style of football.

photo credit © MattyV53