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Allegri To Recruit Youth Team Players

If you are a Milan fan, you will definitely let out a sigh of relief after reading this. Milan’s new coach Massimiliano Allegri has resorted to recruiting new players from the club’s youth ranks after club executive Adriano Galliani revealed that the club will not be buying a new players.

In my opinion, this has long been overdue and is break away from a tradition that almost ruined one of Europe’s strongest clubs. Milan has in the recent past become like a hospice for old age players who’s careers are in decline and with the average age of the senior squad being 30, it is not hard to understand why.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Rossoneri fans. After a very convincing display from the club’s junior players in their pre-season Emirates Cup tour against formidable sides like Arsenal and Lyon, Allegri is considering recruiting Rodney Strasser, Alexander Merkel, Simone Verdi and Giacomo Beretta to the first team.

Milan’s arch rivals Inter Milan have looked very impressive in the North America pre season tour and it remains to be seen how the season will shape up. A key battle to keep your eye on will be between Milan’s Alexander Pato and Inter Milan’s new Brazilian sensation Philippe Coutinho.

Both are young, very talented and team mates in the Brazil squad. In his debut for the Nerazzurri, Coutino scored Inter’s second goal in their 3-2 loss to Greek outfit Panathinaikos last night.

Meanwhile, Allegri has also expressed his concern at Ronaldinho’s lack of form. Dinho tore a muscle while training with Milan early last week and according to La Gazetto dello sport, Dinho will not play Panathinaikos in Detroit.

Allegri has already mentioned that Simone Verdi could be Ronnie’s replacement should he fail to regain 100 per cent fitness before the start of the season. With the Berlusconi trophy only less than 3 weeks away, Dinho is in a race against time get back to form.

Photo credit: from mako10zzz