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Allegri Hinted More January Signing For Milan

AC MilanAc Milan’s transfer campaign this season have already received plenty of praise as after signing the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho in the summer, this winter the Rossoneri already added Antonio Cassano into their squad, however the latest news suggested that there will be more addition this January.

This news was more than rumors as it was unveiled by the fashion capital side’s coach himself, Massimiliano Allegri, during the press-conference ahead of Milan’s upcoming league game against Cagliari.

Aside from explaining some technical aspect of the game, the tactician also hinted that his team are looking to get at least a new midfielder this January but still refuse to mention the name of the upcoming new player. One thing for sure the potential new Rossoneri player won’t be Chievo’s, Kevin Costant, who can’t move to another club yet this January because he already moved and played in two clubs this year.

“The transfer market? midfielder will think, Konstant was among the eligible candidates but for regulatory reasons he will not arrive, there is no one around, the club will do what it can,” Allegri stated.

Despite no names are being unveiled at the moment, the Italian press believes that the Rossoneri will be landing Allegri’s former pupil, Andrea Lazzari, to San Siro right after the game against Cagliari this Thursday. This possibilities are being noted simply because of the tactician’s fondness over the 26-years-old midfielder that can play in various position and have the creativity that Milan seems to lack when Andrea Pirlo isn’t able to play.

Other candidates that have been recently mentioned to be the Rossoneri’s targets are the likes of Andrea Poli, Ricardo Montolivo and also Mark Van Bommel, the latter is also the one that has been getting many attention considering his expiring contract with his current club, Bayern Muenchen. However, considering the need that Allegri stated for Milan, getting Van Bommel might actually be nothing more than just a rumor since at the moment the fashion capital have plenty players with the same characteristic.

Creative Commons License photo credit: VanDammeMaarten.be