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All Is Forgiven For Mutu

Fiorentina - agosto 2009 - San Piero a Sieve (FI)Controversial Romanian striker, Adrian Mutu, was very close in following Antonio Cassano’s path as a player that leaves his club in a bad note this season after creating a havoc at the club by abandoning the training ground and voicing out some band statements in the media.

However, unlike Cassano’s case, Mutu who also got back to his sense seems to earn another chance in redeeming his mistakes after his current club, Fiorentina, reportedly forgive him and welcome him back to the team.

The possibility of Mutu returning back to the Viola was revealed by the club’s owner Andrea Della Valle, who confidently said that the Romanian international will be playing again with the team as soon as possible. Della Valle reportedly was impressed with Mutu’s sincere apology recently as the player stated that his controversial action was unprofessional behavior that happened because the influence of his former manager that the former Parma player fired just before he stated his public apology.

“It’s a question of days. He will soon return,” Della Valle stated answering about Mutu’s possible return.

This news surely bring a sight of relieve for Mutu, who has swallowed his pride by making a public apology and admitted his mistakes to his club though all the media in Italy stating that it was all because of his agent’s influence. The Romanian international reportedly was “persuaded” to abandon Fiorentina’s training session just before the match against Bologna few weeks ago, after the proposed move that his agent planned was rejected by the Viola.

Rumors stated that the striker was being courted by Cesena and his agent already set to facilitate that move but the Viola management rejected the plan and it inflicted the AWOL that Mutu did afterward. Disappointed by the player’s unprofessional reaction, the club threatened to bring the ex Juventus player’s case into the court and temporarily frozen him from playing and also moving from Florence. Considering that his action is by no mean a respectful attitude towards the club that has already given him lots of patience after having drugs problem last season.

Although hasn’t really perform back to his best days at Fiorentina, still Mutu’s return into the squad could probably help the team’s performance this season as under the new coach Sinijsa Mihaljovic, La Vioa have been very poor. The Romanian’s experience might give a boost for the youngsters at the club especially if he can rediscover his old form back, however things will now be determined by the reaction of his teammates, should they are willing to accept him back, his return might be a positive point for all parties.

photo credit: “il Carca” – Enrico Carcasci