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All I Want For X-mas: Valencia & Almeria


All Almeria wants for X-mas is improvement.  The squad that was newboys two years ago in 2007 finished eighth that rookie year and had many critics believing that they were the real deal.  Last year the second year squad continued to impress with a strong Sophomore campaign of eleventh place.  Now in their third season the squad has slipped back towards the relegation zone and currently reside in sixteenth place. 

If the trend continues then Almeria will likely be back in the Segunda Division by the end of this season or next year by the latest.  The club could (like all mediocre clubs) use another offensive force up front.  The club only has one player that has surpassed two goals this season and if Almeria wants to fight off the relegation zone then they need more of a team effort from their forwards department.


All Valencia wants for X-mas is the vault owned by Scrooge McDuck in the hit animated television show Ducktales.  Maybe the cartoon was a little before or after time, but the room I am referring to is the vault filled with gold coins that Scrooge McDuck dives into much like an Olympic diver.  As a kid I thought that would be the greatest thing in the world, swimming in gold coins of vast wealth. 

But now that I am an adult I realize that if you were to do such an act you would likely just break your neck and lay in horrific agony on the pile of money.  And right now Valencia needs a pile of money to dive their hands into.  Many of the club’s officials claim it is a miracle that the squad still exists, but expect David Villa and David Silva to at least be on the block for a potential move elsewhere.  And that is not Quack-tastic news for the fourth place squad.