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All I Want for X-mas: Sampdoria & Bologna


All Sampdoria wants for X-mas is a spot on the Italian national roster for Cassano.  Recently Sampdoria has begun to unravel losing many of their recent matches and dropping all the way back to eighth on the league table heading into last weekend’s fixtures.  The club needs a bucket of cold water thrown on them to snap out of this ongoing funk, but putting their star on Italy’s national team just might awaken their offense.

The Cassano thing has been strange this season, but it appears that the often outspoken forward is being punished for previous years of underachieving rather then given the credit he deserves as a modern day star.  Either way though the star needs to suck it up and play his best hard football for his Italian squad.  Sure it is unfair that Cassano is once again overlooked, but such things are out of his control.  The best way to prove yourself is to go out there each week and perform on a high level.  Too bad for Cassano though his results likely will not help his odds of making a trip to South Africa this summer.


All Bologna wants for X-mas is Marco Di Vaio to put on another goal scoring feast.  Last season Di Vaio scored 24 goals and was considered one of the best offensive players in Serie A.  This season the aging forward only has four goals which is second best for his fifteenth place squad.  If Bologna wants to survive the relegation zone for their second straight year they will need other players like Adailton to step up and continue to score. 

But they also need their MVP from last year to have at least a solid year.  I’m not asking for 20+ goals, but at least try to achieve 15 by seasons end.  Because last year the squad barely survived, so this year they will need at least a similar result from Di Vaio.