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All I Want For X-mas: Real Zaragoza & Sporting Gijon

Real Zaragoza

All Real Zaragoza wants for X-mas is an extra defender on the pitch along with an extra keeper.  And although it would be unfair to have one team that is allowed 13 players on the pitch at a time, it might also be the only chance Real Zaragoza has against squads like Barca and Real Madrid.  Real Zaragoza has given up 29 goals this year which is not only the worst in all of La Liga, but it means on average they give up more then two goals per game.

The Zaragoza offense is not great either, but at least tolerable.  The squad actually has five different players that have scored more then one league goal, but their defense has been horrific so far this year.  At home Real Zaragoza has only given up 8 goals this year, but on the road they have given up 21.  Many squads in the league have only given up half of that number of goals this year total.  If the newboys want to survive their first season back on the top flight then they need to bring in some fresh faces for the defensive unit.

Sporting Gijon

All Sporting Gijon wants for X-mas is a forward who can actually do what he is supposed to do….. score goals!  I know that many clubs have this item on their X-mas list, but Sporting may be more deserving of the gift then any other squad.  Only one forward on the squad, Mate Bilic, has scored more then one goal.  Now they do have two midfielders who have done pretty well (de las Cuevas and Gimenez), but Sporting does own one of the worst offenses in the league with 14 total goals. 

With the fourth best defense in the league, Sporting needs a goal scorer to keep them a top ten squad.  Right now they have less then half of the goals that powerhouses Barcelona and Real Madrid have scored.  Both of those squads have already surpassed 30 goals this season.