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All I Want For X-mas: Real Madrid & Deportivo La Coruna

Real Madrid

All Real Madrid wants for X-mas is for the gifts to keep on coming.  And can you blame Florentino and the gang.  He has already signed Ronaldo, Kaka, and Benzema and now that star defensive force Pepe is out indefinitely, the buying should continue.  Lets face it.  Its X-mas every month in Madrid.  And the eggnog is always spiked just right and turkey is never dry either.  At least not yet.

Many critics think Real Madrid will fix this problem internally, but Pepe is not that easy to replace.  Expect somebody notable to wind up in Real Madrid’s whites before the end of the window.  Also what will the club do with the two flying Dutchmen van Nistelrooy and Van der Saar?  Will they sell them for the right price or keep them for safety?

Deportivo La Coruna

All Deportivo wants for X-mas is for one forward to step up and be the man.  I know it is a common wish list type of response, but Deportivo has been the most impressive squad so far this season in the league table despite their low amount of goals.  They are one of only two clubs (the other is sporting in tenth place) that is currently in the top ten, but has not scored 20 goals this season. 

Part of the squads problem is that they lack one player that has scored more then two goals.  Deportivo has got to find a go-to-guy if they want a Champions League birth for next season.  The club does play above average defense, but they need MJ the footballer to suddenly appear on their squad.