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All I Want for X-mas: Preview

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s a time to be around the house with your family, start a fire in the living room fireplace, drink some spiked eggnog, bake some delicious X-mas cookies, watch reruns of Christmas Vacation, and enjoy the time you have with the people that you love.

Also it is a time to come to the LLTO and check out our new segment All I Want for X-mas when you are bored and your family is driving you nuts.  Think about it people.  The LLTO provides the perfect holiday escape from Uncle Larry’s one  hour long story about his kidney replacement and it sure beats Grandma’s jello mold as well.

This month on the site we will feature all twenty La Liga teams and we will breakdown what each team needs to improve on over the holidays and transfer window.  This review is our first in-depth breakdown of the La Liga squads this season and we will look at the rumor mill and try to figure out who will be where by the end of January.

It is a special time of the year both for you and your family, but don’t forget about your love for the most beautiful game.  So this December remember us at the LLTO because we will be working hard for you trying to come up with a list of the most likely players to leave and enter into the fastest growing top flight league.

And if all that didn’t sell you on coming back then…..

Come back for more pictures of woman dressed in slutty Santa outfits.

Because at the LLTO we do care.

Happy Holidays.