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All I Want for X-mas: Preview

I can think of no better time for the transfer window to open up then the month after Christmas.  It is still a time where people are in the giving spirit and plenty of players are at their peak performance hoping to land a big deal elsewhere.  The December/January time of the year is a special time for all.

And we at the SATO hope that it will be a special time for you at home as well.  You see Christmas and New Years are one of the best times of the year simply because both holidays coincide with one another so well.  During X-mas you have the whole family and giving thing going on and then following New Years celebrations you have the whole looking forward to next year thing going on.

Well the transfer window in European football isn’t much different.  During December you have families of players being formed and broken up and while the moves are just around the corner you have a December time to enjoy the way things currently are.  And then once January comes around things change and the supposed families go their own way again and many outlooks are changed. 

So over the next few weeks we will focus on where these changes could occur.  Who will move where and why.  Will Serie A lose star players or only add onto the list.  We know one Brit that is heading this way, but what about the rest of the teams and stars of the world.  Who will be spending their Spring in Italy and who will be spending their summer abroad? 

We will have to wait and see, but for now Happy Holidays.