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All I Want For X-mas: Osasuna & Malaga


All Osasuna wants for X-mas is a higher goals per game average.  I know… I know… every single team wants exactly that, but Osasuna could use the help a little more then your regular top ten squad. 

That’s right Osasuna is currently in the top ten and with recent seasons as evidence to where a team might end up this could be considered the high point to Osasuna’s year.  That is unless they pick up an underrated striker or winger to boost the offensive effort.  Osasuna only has scored 14 goals this season and they have only scored three goals in one match all season long.  There are currently four teams below them that have a higher number of goals scored.

Watch out Osasuna.   You have a target on your back.


All Malaga wants for X-mas is to be newboys all over again.  And if they are not careful they will be with their recent bad luck.  Currently in nineteenth place, Malaga deserves pity rather then ridicule for the way their season has currently unfolded.  Out of their seven losses this season only one came to a team that beat them by more then one goal.  And that team was Barcelona in a 2-0 defeat.

Malaga won their first match of the season against Athletico Madrid and their fans are still basking in that victory… because it is their only one to date.  Talk about a terrible winless streak.

All Malaga really wants for X-mas is one of those mind erasers from the hit film Men in Black.  That way their fans can remain optimistic at the end of some of these close matches.