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All I Want For X-mas: Livorno & Cagliari


All Livorno wants for X-mas is a boat-load of goals.  Actually any goals will do right now for the lowly eighteenth place squad.  Currently Livorno has only scored six goals all season long which is three less then the Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur scored in a single match a few weeks back in league play. 

And it’s a miracle that the newboys are even in the hunt to secure a spot next season in Serie A, but if Livorno wants to stay on the top level then they need to start making the type of moves a top level team needs to make.  They have tried to land Landon Donovan in the past and failed, but why not try again?  I know it seems that I am prostituting Donovan out to transfer proposals in every major league, but shouldn’t his name continue to come up? (Of course it did once again right after this article was published.  Donovan to Everton?)

Although Donovan has slammed Beckham for his own traveling abroad I think if the American star was ever going to do it again it would be right now when he has the chance to get some live football action prior to the Cup this summer.  

I know it is a long shot though and Livorno will likely make second tier moves due to a tight budget and settle for second tier results.


All Cagliari wants for X-mas is another November.  In fact the Italian squad is referring to today as November 40th and why not?  Cagliari was the surprise team of the month climbing out of the relegation zone and into middle-of-the-pack results.  The squad was 3-1 during the month and scored 11 goals to the opponents 3.  It wasn’t a bunch of pushover teams either.  Cagliari beat Sampdoria 2-0, Juventus 2-0 as well, Atalanta 3-0, and only loss to red hot AC Milan by a single goal 4-3.

The squad finished ninth last season and currently reside in tenth place.