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All I Want For X-mas: Lazio & Roma


All Lazio wants for X-mas is a calender that only has the month of August on it.  Early in the year I foolishly thought that with the addition of Julio Cruz that Lazio would make a run at a top six finish.  Well…. I was way off with that prediction.  In fact after winning their first two matches of the season (Serie A league match and UEFA Europa League match) the Lazio squad has done worse then any other team in the win department.

In fact Lazio has only won a single match since August and that was not even a Serie A league match.  So after their first league match of the year, Lazio has yet to win again!!!  Why you ask?  Terrible offense.  Lazio has one of the stronger defenses in the league (only 15 goals conceded), but their offense has been the second worst in the league (only 9 goals).  And the squad only has two players that have scored at least two goals this year currently on the squad.  Bring in somebody, Lazio.  In fact bring in anybody.


All Roma wants for X-mas is for things to continue going they way they have been recently.  After a laughably bad start to the year, the squad has picked it up recently and have not lost a match since October.  In fact the club had the best November of any Serie A club with a 3-1-0 record and the club seems destined to finish the year in the top four slots. 

Tottenham reserve forward Roman Pavlyuchenko is often linked with a January move to Roma, but Redknapp has recently expressed his desire to keep his current squad in tact.  Also things have significantly improved since those rumors started a few months back and Roma may just try to make it work with the squad that they already have.  Maybe the squad will bring in a reserve forward or occasional starter on defense though.