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All I Want For X-mas: Fiorentina & Genoa


All Fiorentina wants for X-mas is one more notable striker to help out the offense.  And one that has a popular name in Italy is Bayern Munich reserve Luca Toni.  The giant Italian is not too pleased with his current role as a bench warmer for the German squad and rumor has it that he desires a move back to his homeland for a role as a starter of a contending team.

Well Fiorentina seems like it would be a perfect fit for the national team star and with Mutu often battling knee injuries, Toni might be the perfect fit as a spell replacement for Gilardino.   It will be tough to win over Toni (Bayern supposedly wants to keep the Italian happy and under contract), but if the front office could land a star offensive player then then one of the league’s toughest defenses just got that much better.


All Genoa wants for X-mas is a smaller goal frame at home.  It would be a shady operation to replace the home stadium goal post, but if their is a team daring enough to try the covert operation it would have to be Genoa.  The club has given up fifteen goals at home this season which is more goals then some teams have given up in entirety for the season.  No team is even close to that number of conceded goals in front of the home crowd.  In fact the next closest total is 12 goals.

If Genoa wants to remain a top ten fixture then they need to bring in some defensive bulk.  The squad is tied for the most goals conceded along with Siena.  And Siena will likely be out of the league by next season.