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All I Want For X-mas: Espanyol & Athletic Bilbao


All Espanyol wants for X-mas is for someone other then Ivan Alonso to score a goal.  So in other words Espanyol isn’t being a brat or over-demanding this X-mas and this gift is something that they really do deserve.  And the club has had a tough season with the sudden loss of their team captain, Jarque, right before the grand opening of their new stadium and the beginning of the La Liga season.  The club has played fairly well despite the critical loss and this X-mas Espanyol deserves some positive results. 

The 14th place squad has struggled offensively this season and you can nearly count their goal scorers on one hand.  Alonso has three of them and five other guys have the other ones.  All together the club only has eight goals (at least going into last weekend) and that is of course one less then Tottenham Hotspur scored against West Ham a few weeks back.  If Espanyol wants to compete they need somebody to step up and put the ball into the back of the net consistently. 

Athletic Bilbao

All Athletic Bilbao wants for X-mas is the same thing that every so-so team wants… a goal scoring forward.  I realize this X-mas list gets a little bit repetitive from time to time and squads ask for goal scoring forwards about as common as the Tickle Me Elmo sold for X-mas in the 90’s, but many of these La Liga squads are desperate for a forward and Athletic Bilbao is another example of a club that does not have more then one forward with multiple goals.  Its mind boggling how a top ten club doesn’t have two, but once again it is the case here.

One thing Bilbao doesn’t have to ask for this X-mas is spreading around the ball and scoring from multiple people and positions.  Its never as popular as one great goal scorer, but playing as a collective team has got them this far.  But I’m sure the squad wouldn’t mind landing a star offensive player either.