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All I Want for X-mas: Bari & Catania


All Bari wants for X-mas is the SATO Best New Club Award by season’s end.  Well, honestly, they probably will be more ambitious then just winning this site’s post-season award, but the way the newboys have started the year the relegation zone seems like it is miles and miles away.

Bari owns one of the most impressive defenses in the league only allowing a third best 14 goals in 15 matches.  Only Inter and Fiorentina have a better output then that and they both are perennial top five squads.  But Bari could use more offensive numbers.  Currently they only have three players who have scored more then one goal this season, so hopefully the squad gets an underrated forward or attacking midfielder come January.

Because one stat that doesn’t weigh in their favor is the fact there is no team ahead of the squad that has fewer goals this season.


All Catania wants for X-mas is a new coach that will fearlessly lead his team to greatness much like Gene Hackman in the film Hoosiers.  In fact Catania should just make Gene Hackman the coach because I don’t think it would hurt the squad as much as you might think.   

Catania, who just fired head coach Gianluca Atzori, has the third worst…. well… everything in the league.  They have the third worst defense allowing 24 goals so far.  they have the third worst offense only scoring 14 goals this season.  And they have the third worst goal differential so far allowing -10.  Too bad they are the second worst team in the league right now.  Even worse they just lost to the worst team too.

Catania shall have no Gene this January though.  instead the club opted to bring in Sinisa Mihajlovic instead.  He may know more about coaching football then Gene, but his name will never be as catchy.