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All I Want For X-mas: Barcelona & Valladolid


All Barcelona wants for X-mas is one more star to WOW the crowd.  Lets be honest, Barcelona is the club that is like the spoiled rich kid you knew growing up.  They really don’t need anything at all!!! 

But no matter what they already have they will continue to at least try to bring in some more valuable pieces of the puzzle.  But what they don’t know is that the puzzle is already completed and has been for awhile now.

Henry is getting up there in the years, but he is still a great player and worthy starter.  With their interest in Robinho, you would think that they want another winger/forward maybe so that Messi can play on top more often.  But the club’s ultimate wish list is Arsenal’s midfielder Fabregas.  The ultimate weapon when it comes to ball control, passing, field vision, and scoring a variety of different ways.

They may settle for a solid reserve forward instead though.


All Valladolid wants for X-mas is an invisible wall in front of the goal.  Yes this is another one of my unlikely, illegal suggestions, but Valladolid does have a solid offense (22 goals) and if they could improve the defense (26 goals) then they might be able to finish the season in the top ten.  But who am I kidding?

Valladolid is a green top level club currently playing in their third straight year on the top level.  Eleventh place would be their best finish since their arrival to the Primera Division and the club will likely have to stick it out with what they got.  With no defensive additions, Valladolid will have to rely on good fortune rather then a monetary fortune to succeed.