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All I Want For X-mas: Atletico Madrid & Sevilla

Atletico Madrid

All Atletico Madrid wants for X-mas is for Sergio Aguero to come down with a terrible case of amnesia.  It seems that the twenty-one year old is destined to leave the reeling middle of the pack squad for Chelsea this upcoming transfer window, but perhaps if Sergio Aguero was given some type of mind erasing procedure then he would not only stay with Atletico Madrid, but he wouldn’t even know that Chelsea or England even existed.

But the safer X-mas item on the wish list would have to be a new young forward to at least fill the void that Aguero will leave behind.  Anytime you lose your leading goal scorer the club is expected to suffer setbacks.  So on second thought maybe Atletico Madrid should go with the amnesia approach to stop Aguero from leaving.


All Sevilla wants for X-mas is a strong draw in the UEFA Champions League and the Spanish powerhouse got exactly that a week early for X-mas.  Sevilla is lucky enough to play Russian champs CSKA Moscow in the knockout round of sixteen and out of all the squads left that draw is arguably the best of any team left in the tournament.

Sevilla would also not mind landing a reserve striker that can put in some valuable minutes off of the bench.  Fabiano will likely have many lingering injuries to deal with until mid-January and the club doesn’t have another striker with more then four total goals.  Landing a solid performer off of the bench (like Owen with Manchester United) could put Sevilla in position to potentially surprise some people in the Champions League.