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All I Want For X-mas: AC Milan & Udinese

AC Milan

All AC Milan wants for X-mas is a famous, aging Brit that will not only sell some more jerseys, but will also setup young star forwards like Pato with goal scoring chances from anywhere on the pitch.  And what do you know!  Milan has already landed the star player in David Beckham. 

That’s right football fans, Sir Golden Balls himself will be decoriating the X-mas tree in Milan this season and the often on the move Englishmen will rejoin a Milan squad which played much better with him on the roster last season.  But does Milan really need a thirty-something year old midfielder or will Sir Becks only slow down the squads offense by his presence in it?  I would bet on both sides of the argument.  Becks is obviously a great league player and he does possess many of the talents needed to be a great team player, but stamina and consistency will always be debated when you add a player of Beck’s experience to the pitch.

In the end, though, it should only bolster a squad that is already in second place.


All Udinese wants for X-mas is to discover Antonio Di Natale’s long lost twin brother.  And lets hope that when he is discovered that he can perform on the same level as his footballer sibling.  I know it is a stretch that Di Natale even has a long lost twin brother, but Udinese would happily to take him as long as he exists.  Lets just hope he isn’t the Danny De Vito twin.

Di Natale has scored over half of Udinese’s goals this season.  The Italian has eleven goals and the rest of the squad has only scored 8.  To me it is very simply that a twin discovery is exactly what they should do.  Then they would have 22 goals to the rest of the teams 8.