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All Huntelaar Needs Is Some Time To Adapt

I still believe that Huntelaar is better off staying at the San Siro and that Milan should not waste their time trying to sign Dzeko if they are not willing to part with 40 million Euros.

Huntelaar is only 26 years old and although he did not have a good season last year, the Dutchman is still nonetheless a top class striker. Even Dinho had a terrible debut season in the Serie A so i fail to see the reason why Milan are quick to offload such a rare talent when the likes of Gattuso and Seerdorf  did not perform any better.

In the 09/2010 season Huntelaar showed some few glimpses of the player that attracted so much attention while playing for Ajax in the Dutch Eredivisie. Although he  did not replicate that form, he still managed to bag 7 goals in 25 appearances (most of which were from the bench) for the Rossoneri.

Huntelaar is facing the same problem that Ronaldinho had when he joined Milan in the summer of 2008. Too much pressure and a lack of belief from new coach Massimiliano Allegri is bound to dent his confidence.

Former Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti at some point during the o8/09 season lost faith with Ronaldinho and resorted to benching the play maker for most of the season. A decision that i must say never went down well with the Rossoneri faithful.

It was only after his exit that Dinho started to improve. This is because Ancelottti’s successor Leonardo instilled a belief in him that made him stand out in the entire league.

If Allegri does not want Huntelaar on his squad, then the Dutchman should leave by all accounts. He is better off playing regularly where he is wanted than being used as a last minute magic charm whenever the Rossoneri are in trouble.

That said, Milan will definitely be much weaker if they cannot come up with a worthy replacement should Huntelaar leave.

Photo credit: from Calcio Better