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Algeria’s World Cup Preview: The Debate

Creative Commons License photo credit: jenny downing

The Glass is Half Empty

The odds that Algeria will win the World Cup are about as good as the odds are of Monique winning an Academy Award.  What’s that you say?  Monique won the Academy Award for her role in Precious.  Really?  Wow!  Well we all knew that one day somebody from the film Soul Plane would finally be honored with acting’s finest achievement.  But when it comes to Algeria their chances of winning the Cup are much worse then even Monique’s chances of becoming an astronaut.  The club has no one that is worth mentioning and they barely survived the WCQ in the weakest division in the world.  No African nation has ever won the Cup, so I doubt it will be won by a mediocre one at that.  The biggest reason why they will not win though is simply because the bookie’s line for them winning right now is 500 to 1.  The odds that Gilbert Godfrey moves in next door to you is currently 450 to 1.     

The Glass is Half Full

Algeria will win the World Cup because miracles do in fact happen.  Sure the club has never advanced to the second round of the tournament and sure they had a Cup absence of 24 years, but the club was cheated out of the second round in 1984 and karma should put them in the second round this season.  Not many nations compare to Algeria in the department of least significant country in football, but maybe that will be exactly what helps Algeria win.  Since they have never had a Cup run before then shouldn’t the time to have a Cup run be shortly arriving?  Everyone deserves one special year and just maybe this will be Algeria’s magic run.  Still though I seriously doubt this will happen.  In fact Monique might even be on Algeria’s team and she isn’t winning any more trophies anytime soon.