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Alberto Paloschi Stays At Parma

Having been in the mix of transfer rumors lately, finally the future is clear for Ac Milan’s young striker Alberto Paloschi, as the news from Italy reveals that he will keep his status as a co-owned player and playing for Parma next season. Paloschi who has been in a co-ownership contract since two season ago hasn’t really had a great year at the Tardini club because of injuries that was caused by his fast height growth.

The confirmation of Paloschi’s future was stated by Parma’s Director, Pietro Leonardi, who claim that the renewal of the deal is the best option for each party.

“We have reached an agreement, which was the most logical outcome to this situation,We have renewed our co-ownership deal with Milan for Paloschi.” Leonardi said.

This deal would probably still the best option for Paloschi and both clubs, with minimum playing time last season Palo hasn’t really produce something that make Milan’s management thinking of having him back at San Siro. By deciding to stay at Tardini, hopefully the Italian u-21 international would have a better season next summer so he can ensure the Rossoneri’s staffs to keep him as their first team player, or maybe if he is being considered not good enough they management could probably sell him.

Earlier this week there has been lots of confusion regarding Paloshchi’s future because the reports stating that Milan want to recall him, not to play list him in the squad next summer but to put him as one of the bargain deal in getting Massimo Allegri from Cagliari. The Italian press suggested that even though he hasn’t had a great season, his talent is surely something that many mid-bottom club like the Sardinian would be interested on.

However, with this latest confirmation, the young lad could still have faith that in the future he could still be wearing the Rossoneri color once again and become an important player for the Italian giant. Off course in order to do that he would need to give an exciting an consistent performance for Parma next season, if Paloschi manage to prove his worth, surely the Milan management could finally take him back and confirmed his place as one of the squad’s main strikers.