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Aguero Doesn't Want to Leave Atletico

IMG_4473-1Last La Liga season had a very disappointing start in league play for Atletico Madrid. The club had only won three matches through December and was around the relegation zone for half of the season. But they turned it around with a three win January and finished on the upper half in ninth place by the end and also played in two respected Cup finals winning the UEFA Europa League Cup over Fulham in the process.

And considering how well Diego Forlan played this summer for Uruguay this season could have a much more promising start for the top four hopefuls. And the club that played so strongly at the end of the season also managed to retain all of their star players. So in other words they have as good a chance as any squad not named Barcelona or Real Madrid at earning the right to play Champions League football in 2010/2011.

And young Argentine phenom Sergio Aguero knows this and believes in his team’s chances of making this dream a reality this season. The younger member of the fearsome striker duo recently stressed his desire to extend his contract with the middle of the table club from last season:  

Practically no players have left. All of us from last year, when we got to two finals, are here, and this year, with the players we have brought in, we can do a lot more. I have told the club that I want to stay here, so they will sort out with my agent whether to renew my contract or not. I don’t get involved with that.

And Aguero was linked to a move to Chelsea last January, but the EPL club reportedly balked on the move due to being in hot water regarding some punishable transfer moves that were made the summer before. But Aguero and Forlan both need to stay for the time being despite their great transfer value at the moment. Because all of these leagues are becoming monopolies verses minnows and with Valencia unloading their two coveted stars this recent off season to pay off a  huge debt that means that Atletico could potentially steal their top four spot.

If Atletico keeps the duo together good things would eventually happen down the road. The team might secure a top four berth this season and with brilliant finishers anything is possible in tournament play for the squad. But if they were to sell both these men this season the duo could accumulate around $60 or $70 million depending on the buyer’s eagerness to land a superstar striker. 

And Aguero did admit that although he is happy in Spain, being sold down the road was always an option he would consider with an open mind:  

But as I have always said, I’m happy and when the club needs to sell me for the money, they will do. But right now they don’t want to and I’m here.

Creative Commons License photo credit: bernjan