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Adriano Heading For Corinthians In January?

[friendly] Brazil x Italy : 12The future of As Roma’s summer signing, Adriano, seemed certainly won’t be staged at the Italian capital as the latest news stated that the former Inter Milan striker might eventually goes back to Brazil and play for Corinthians.

This possibility occurred after the Brazilian club’s director of sport, Roberto de Andrade, claimed that his club has already reached a personal agreement with the 28-years-old striker and what is lacking at the moment is only Roma’s approval.

“We have reached a verbal agreement with Adriano and the contract is ready to be signed. At this point we are only missing the final word on Roma’s behalf,” Andrade stated.

Although it’s rare for a club to send away their summer signing as fast as January, the fact that Adriano doesn’t get many playing times in this half way of the season with Roma did annoyed the Brazilian as in the summer he arrived in the capital in hope to resurrect his career in the country. Unfotunately, the fitness issues that the ex-Flamengo player had in the early part of the season didn’t help his bid in getting a playing time in the club, not to mention the signing of Marco Borriello from Ac Milan.

Borriello’s current fine form in Roma’s shirt also makes it almost impossible for Adriano to compete with the Italian international, making it more worse the Brazilian was even left out at times for a younger striker such as Stefano Okaka. That condition surely makes it very possible for the Giallorossi to agree in letting the striker go in January since their coach doesn’t seem to have much interest in using the ex-Inter Milan player this season.

Despite the reports that Roma’s president, Rossella Sensi, previously denied that her club is planning to part ways with their summer signing, the press in Brazil seems certain about Corinthians claim. Considering Adriano’s past in Italy, keeping him when he’s not happy might not be a good option for the Giallorossi as there’s always a chance the player’s bad attitude emmerged again and cost problems in the dressing room.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Crystian Cruz