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Adriano Accidentaly Shoots Woman While Showing Off His Gun

Former Inter Milan and As Roma striker Adriano is once again making headlines for the wrong reasons. The 29 year old who has struggled with an alcohol addiction for most of his professional career, was allegedly involved in an early Friday morning shooting that left a young female injured.

Now, here is where the story gets interesting. Apparently Adriano was playing with a 40 calibre pistol in the back seat of his BMW when it went off and injured the girl. Adriene Cyrilo Pinto who is 20 years old, was rushed to the Barra D’Or hospital and operated on and is now reported to be in a stable condition.

Ms Pinto recorded a statement with the local police saying that Adriano was ‘fooling around’ with his bodygaurd’s 40 calibre pistol when it went off. Police Sergeant Amilton Dias said Adriano had taken out the magazine but din’t realise that there was still a single bullet in the gun as he tried to impress his lady friends.

“Adriano stupidly waved the firearm. That’s when the shot was discharged accidentally.” Police sergeant Amilton Dias said. However, two other females also in the car gave a conflicting account of what happened.

The two women who were both 28 said that the Ms Pinto shot herself on purpose to get publicity. Adriano has denied shooting the girl and maintains that he would never touch a gun.

The police are currently doing tests on the firearm to find out who was actually holding the gun when it went off and results should be expected within 8 days.

Once one of the most feared strikers, Adriano has seen his career rapidly take a nose dive by self inflicted problems. The striker returned to his native Brazil for the second time early this year after an unsuccessful stint with Serie A club AS Roma.
Photo Credit © kassch