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Adebayor Not Interested In Joining Real Madrid

Panoramica 002 - Estadio Santiago BenabeuThe Special One Mr. Jose Mourinho recently admitted that his new Real Madrid side needs to add two key players: the first one on the list is a shut down defender and the second one is a forward.

And the team has had the misfortune of failing to land either former defensive back of Mourinho’s (Ashley Cole or Maicon), but recently it was reported that Los Blancos had set their sights on the forgotten man of Manchester City forward Emmanuel Adebayor in a potential $20 million dollar move.

Adebayor failed to start the opening week of the season for City and with the addition of Mario Balotelli to the squad, many believe that the recently retired Togo national team player will be forced to move elsewhere due to the unlikelihood of seeing regular minutes this season in England. But Adebayor reportedly has no interest in a move to La Liga’s Real Madrid at the moment and the EPL player recently admitted that he hopes to prove himself at Manchester City this season, but will re-evaluate this decision halfway through the season if he must. 

Adebayor recently made these comments to The People regarding sitting on the bench for Manchester City and his feelings on a move elsewhere:

I had a chat with the manager after the Spurs game which was good. But managers can change. Today they love you and then you think you are going to be moving. I don’t want to look too far into the future. Who knows? By January maybe the manager will tell me to leave – or maybe I will ask to leave.

What is important for me is to have clear focus on playing for City and fighting for my place in the team and that is what I intend to do. As a footballer you have lots of difficult times. Being sat on the bench for the first game of the season at Tottenham was tough for me and I admit I was a little bit upset.

You have to fight for your place. I am very happy to be part of this club and I love the challenge of making it at City. Now I’m waiting for my chance. I’m playing for one of the big teams in England and all I need now is to be playing games and scoring goals.

And Adebayor knows all about “difficult times” on and off of the pitch in the last season. The Togo man was nearly killed in a machine gun ambush while traveling with his national team on their coach prior to the African Cup of Nations. So in other words the former Arsenal man had many obstacles to overcome in his first season with the ambitous club. But it’s a new season and perhaps the striker will have a new outlook once he begins seeing more minutes on the pitch.

One thing seems to be certain though, Adebayor will not leave the Blues quite yet.

So the search continues for Real Madrid.  

Creative Commons License photo credit: ArchiM