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Adaptable Sneijder Looking Strong To Remain At Inter

Quel simpaticone di WesleyThe future of Inter Milan’s midfield star, Wesley Sneijder, is reportedly still hangs in the balance as rumors keeps on linking him with a move away from Inter and went flying to Old Trafford and joins Manchester United.

However, the latest indication from Nerazzurri’s camp suggested that Sneijder might actually be staying after the new coach, Gian Piero Gasperini, believes that the player can still play a big role on the new system.

Playing in the much more deeper role than his previous ones in the last two seasons, Sneijder showed more than enough capability to perform well in the center midfield post as Gasperini admitted that the Dutchman can play in many different roles including as the central midfielder in a 3-4-3 or 4-3-3 formation. Although, the recent matches that Inter did were against lower sides, still the good performance that the Dutchman did, simply proved that he wouldn’t have any problem in adapting to Gasperini’s new system.

“Sneijder does not need to adapt, “He played very well in that position and can comfortably stay there. He dictated the play, had vision and even scored,” Zamparini told the press. “Sneijder can play in various different positions. I’m very satisfied with the first week of training, as these lads are doing great work.”

After strong reports from England regarding Sneijder’s potential move to Man United, the wind seems to blows in a different direction at the moment as there’s a strong indication suggesting that the ex-Real Madrid man might gonna stay at San Siro. With Gasperini’s approval over the Dutchman’s ability to play in the coach’s new system, there won’t be any problem from the club in keeping him, making the decision solely relies on the midfielder himself.


Creative Commons License photo credit: alemaxale