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AC Milan Targets Del Piero

Alessandro Del Piero just became the all-time goal scoring leader for Juventus last week, so apparently AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi figured it would be the perfect time to offer the 35 year old Italian legend a new challenge of a chance to play at the San Siro next season.

Berlusconi decided to play the role of the good sport following his side’s 2-1 defeat to Del Piero’s Juventus two weeks back and the Milan president decided to stop by Del Piero’s locker after the game and “congratulate Del Piero” following the record-breaking match. Of course  Berlusconi’s definition of “congratulate” is much different then my own. I would say that the president came to “recruit” Del Piero considering he will be open to free transfer this summer if a deal is not reached in the next six months.

Berlusconi told Agi:

I went to the changing room to congratulate everyone [after the game] and especially Del Piero. I told him that I know his contract is set to expire and I offered him the chance to come to Milan.

And although I think it is a bit tasteless to ask him this on the same day as his historic feat for his longtime club, it is quite obvious why Berlusconi would want Del Piero. First off, he would be a free transfer and thus, would only affect the weekly wages and not the transfer funds available to the club and in a way makes him appear to be a free player to the club. Secondly, Beckham appears to be planted at the LA Galaxy now and Del Piero could replace the Englishman as the aged, reserve midfielder. Third, Del Piero is still an effective player and a Serie A legend, so any club he would go to would profit off of the star on the pitch and in the revenue from ticket sales as well.